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LGBTQ+ Gaps In Care

Save the date: THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 2022 at 11:00 AM ET

The LGBTQ+ Human Milk Feeding Committee would love your input. Are you willing to be an advocate and/or give a few minutes of your time to answer questions to help identify gaps in care for LGBTQ+ human milk feeding families? We look forward to hearing from you soon (RSVPemail, or text).

We are working to identify gaps in care and access to information and support for LGBTQ+ families regarding breast/chest/human milk feeding.

  • What do you feel is helpful for LGBTQ+ families in their breast/chest/human milk feeding journeys?
  • What is difficult?
  • How are LGBTQ+ families treated in the hospital, birthing center, or healthcare provider’s office?
  • What types of resources and support would you like to see that would help LGBTQ+ families with feeding and parenting?
  • Do you know of other people we should include in this conversation? 

We have compiled a list of local resources and national resources (though not complete; feel free to suggest additions).

RSVP To the June 2nd Meeting