Our Mission, Vision, and Goals


The mission of Breastfeed Orange NC is to foster a more breastfeeding family friendly community by advocating for policies and practices that support breast/chestfeeding and human milk feeding, using a Ten Steps approach that complements the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF guidelines.


We recognize that breastfeeding is “The Great Equalizer,” impacting health equity outcomes at all ages and stages of life. A breast/chestfeeding and human milk feeding family friendly community is a healthier, more welcoming community.  


Breastfeed Orange NC is a community-wide program to impact Health Equity. We will advocate for breast/chestfeeding and human milk feeding friendly policies and practices in the healthcare, childcare, and educational systems in our community. We will offer resources and assistance to employers to provide lactation policies and practices for employees and encourage statewide and national efforts for paid family leave. We will celebrate the work of our local governments and the whole the community to provide a welcoming environment that supports families to initiate and continue optimal infant feeding.

With your help, Breastfeed Orange NC will make changes. For more information, please contact Kathleen at orangenc@breastfeedingcommunities.org, or join us at noon on the third Tuesday of the month (meet.google.com/aax-zsbg-rrs).

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