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Writing Breastfeeding Friendly Medical Policy | Oct 11, 2022

Join Breastfeed Durham and Dr. Annie Dotson, M.D., Duke Department of Family Medicine & Community Health, on October 11, 2022, at 12pm (noon) to discuss creating chest/breastfeeding friendly healthcare policies. 

October 11 at 12 PM
(Note: This event is scheduled during the regular 2nd Tuesday Breastfeed Durham community meeting, October 11th at noon. All are welcome to attend.) 

Nursing families need policies and practices that welcome and support their intention to chest/breastfeed. Most families initiate breastfeeding; however, many parents stop in the early days and weeks after birth due to social, societal, and community barriers.

Among infants born in 2019, most (83.2%) started out receiving some breast milk, and 78.6% were receiving any breast milk at 1 month. At 6 months, 55.8% of infants received any breast milk and 24.9% received breast milk exclusively…many families do not breastfeed for as long as they intend to and breastfeeding disparities by race and ethnicity persist.  The steady decline in any and exclusive breastfeeding from month-to-month indicates that breastfeeding families may need stronger systems of support to reach their breastfeeding goals. 

CDC 2022 Breastfeeding Report Card; bolding added for emphasis

Breastfeeding friendly policies are integral to building “stronger systems of support.”  Join the discussion to learn how the medical community can optimally support nursing families by creating chest/breastfeeding friendly policies.  

Unable to attend the event or would you like to learn more?

Resources for Healthcare Providers provides tools, tips, and trainings to create a breastfeeding friendly healthcare environment.